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Meno Meet Up

At our monthly Meno Meet Up, women come together to have tea or coffee, have a healthy snack and to discuss menopause and women’s health.

Our next event is on the 19th March at 6:30pm at Tandridge Heights hosted by Barchester Homes.

Photos of the flyers for Meno Meet Up

Our March Meet Up is on 19th March at 6:30pm

Nourishing Nutrition for Menopause
Optimise your diet during menopause to support hormonal balance, manage symptoms, and nurture overall well-being. From incorporating phytoestrogens to exploring nutrient-rich foods, we will unveil the secrets to fuelling your body for vitality.
Tandridge Heights hosted by Barchester Homes.

Our Meno Meet Up offers:

  • An easily accessible environment

  • A safe and confidential space

  • Open for all women

  • On a not for profit basis

  • Refreshing drinks and healthy snacks

We will be discussing some of the following topics:

  • How to eat during the menopause to support your symptoms

  • Healthy weight loss

  • Common health issues such as pre diabetes, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction

  • Menopause foods such as phytoestrogens and cruciferous vegetables

  • Common symptoms such as hot flushes, vaginal dryness, low mood, poor sleep and joint pain

  • There will be time at the end to ask questions and to chat with the rest of the group

In the coming months we will have guests to introduce the following:

  • how to move during the menopause

  • pelvic changes during the menopause

  • how mindfulness and acupuncture can help symptoms

  • and many more…

  • These are your sessions so all suggestions will be considered!


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