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Success Stories

“Just do it! I waited far too long. Venus Nutrition’s plan and support are absolutely priceless.”

I suffer from fibromyalgia and I used to also get a lot of stomach pain and nausea after eating. I was constantly wondering “is this food going to affect me”? But now, I don’t think about it at all and the pain has gone!  Within 2 weeks I had no cravings for sugar or caffeine, and my energy dips had disappeared.

I have much more energy and I don’t worry at all about what I am eating anymore. I have seen significant improvements in my sleep and fatigue and a reduction in my fibromyalgia pain.


“I feel vibrant and energised now – no longer exhausted!”

Helen coached me through adjusting to low sugar and low GL diet. She also recommended some supplements for other symptoms I had taken for granted (aching limbs, itchy skin and stress). These weren’t things I had gone to Helen to resolve, but now all these symptoms have gone.

The idea of exercising filled me with fear, but now I am one of those people who goes to the gym and I run 5k twice a week!


“I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and severe fatty liver disease. It was time to think differently about my health.”

​​I had put on weight despite eating sensibly and taking regular exercise, and I was also coming through menopause. I was feeling flat and tired so I went for some blood tests and the results were abnormal: I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and severe fatty liver disease.

It was time to think differently about my health. I was kidding myself that I knew how to eat healthily – I needed an expert to show me how to eat better.

Now, my energy levels are so much better and the peaks and troughs have gone. I never feel hungry and I don’t crave the bad stuff at all anymore. Venus Nutrition compliments my doctor’s advice with a naturopathic approach. I’ve lost weight and my consultants are extremely happy with how I have turned things around.


“I feel so much better, almost to the point of feeling smug! I have a fantastic sense of wellbeing.”

I enjoyed meeting Helen and walking away with a 10-week programme that was realistic and achievable. It totally changed my mindset, re-educated me about food and empowered me.  Don’t hesitate!  If you have some openness, Helen will be very successful with you. So many people said to me “you’re really looking well!” and I was pleased to say “I’ve had a 10-week programme with a nutritionist and I should have done it ages ago!”  I just feel so WELL.


“I hadn’t respected the link between a dysfunctional digestive system and menopause.”

I actually found the whole process enlightening!  It made me look closer at what my body needs.

Helen’s expertise and in-depth knowledge have really worked for me. My menopause symptoms have certainly calmed down – in particular the feelings of anxiety or the “emotional rollercoaster” that comes with menopause.  Added to that are the improvement in my digestive system and better quality sleep.


“It was really easy to incorporate the programme into my life. I could see the results and that motivated me to keep going.”

I came to Venus Nutrition after breaking my arm. I was looking for nutritional support to help my recovery. I went on a 12-week plan which included tweaks to my diet and advice on how to supplement to encourage the bone to repair.  My doctor was very happy with the speed with which my bone had regrown.  I also had a nerve issue which was rectified.

The nutrition and lifestyle programme introduced some other great changes for me – my sleep has improved and my skin has cleared.


“I have become a much more mindful eater and I make better food choices”

Helen educated me and gave me the support and accountability I needed during her 10 week program. I can’t recommend her enough. With her help and guidance, I have become a much more mindful eater and I make better food choices. I feel so much better for it, mentally and physically.

Helen suggested recipes to suit my goals. They were delicious and filling and suitable for my vegetarian diet.


“I lost weight and my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms have reduced”

Joining Helen’s 10 week programme was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Helen was so supportive and gave me accountability.


I have learned so much from her about nutrition and I know I will continue to use that knowledge.


Not only have I lost weight, but my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms have reduced. I honestly can’t recommend her enough.


“Helen did not stop until she had figured out my symptoms and how to make them better”

Helen has been great to work with, from beginning to end. She let me take my time to get my head around the programme, but from then on, I committed wholeheartedly and this enthusiasm was met with equal measure. Helen did not stop until she had figured out my symptoms and how to make them better. She was available whenever I needed her, and always had good advice, and something else to try. A fountain of knowledge in so many areas.

I worked with Helen for around 8 months, through some fairly complex digestive issues as well as stress management.

Thank you, Helen, for all you have done for me, and in turn for my family. We have all learnt so much, but most importantly, I have my health and wellness back.


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