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My Top 3 Tips For Holiday Eating

Updated: Apr 29

Who doesn’t love a good holiday? Whether it’s a beachy escape, a trip to the slopes or a city break, it’s a chance to rest and reset, to destress and to delight. Taking time off to relax is an important part of wellness – almost as much as all the other things that contribute to a healthy, happy life like eating well and moving your body.

If there is a downside, it’s that eating well can quickly get forgotten and a few weeks of indulgence can easily turn into months if you’re the kind of person who finds it hard to get back on track afterwards.

The good news is I have some simple tips to help you feel prepared for when you go away. As a nutritionist, I would recommend applying these guidelines most of the time. This is the 80/20 rule.

80% of the time you eat well, allowing space for treats on high days and holidays. It’s possible to stick close to this on holidays – if you choose to. So let’s recap what healthy eating actually looks like. At its most basic level ‘eating well’ involves eating real food almost all of the time (rather than processed foods) and getting a variety of different foods into your diet.

Of course, it’s possible to eat quite an unbalanced diet even by focussing on real food so I would add in this extra layer: you would also eat to balance your blood sugar levels. This is the best way of helping you to lose weight and improve health, easily and enjoyably. It works with your body’s natural design. It has been tested over decades and is backed by hundreds of scientific trials

There are three simple rules

1. Eat regularly – ideally only three times a day! 2. ALWAYS eat protein at every meal 3. Be selective about the amount and type of starchy carbohydrates

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