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What are Non Scale Victories?

Updated: Apr 29

What is the danger of just focusing on the numbers on the scales? You miss all the other wonderful signs that your body and mind are positively responding to positive lifestyle changes.

  • Clients often come to see us because they want to lose weight. Which they do. But they also come away with so much more.

  • We encourage people to focus on other areas with weight loss being the side benefit.

  • We work on slow but sure weight loss for many reasons.

    • Fast weight loss is what you get with a very low calorie diet or even ketogenic diet. Both are a quick fix but they are also not only difficult to do, but more than anything they are difficult to maintain.

    • With low calorie diets specifically, you are often hungry all the time. AND, you run the risk of slowing down your metabolism. We discussed this last week in the diet myths.

    • Often if you consider something a diet it has an end when you stop. The risk is the weight just piles back on.

  • When you learn to balance your blood sugar the weight loss will happen, but there are also some other unexpected results.

  • One client, who had struggled to sleep for more than four hours at a stretch, was sleeping the whole night through after working with me for only a few weeks.

  • Another client who was a self-confessed grazer who ate all day long found that, after just a few weeks, she no longer even needed a morning snack. It was truly liberating for her not to be constantly thinking about food.

  • Then there was the client who had suffered from headaches for years. By changing the way she ate, she was amazed to realise when she came for her next consultation, that she hadn’t even had one for a few weeks!

  • So how do we track your progress?

    • Your clothes fit better than they did

    • You are doing more of the things that you love – dancing, painting, walking in nature.

    • You have more energy, your sleep has improved, bloating is reduced

    • (we will assess these and more at the end of the group using the health and energy questionnaire)

    • You feel stronger, are able to exercise for longer, move more easily, feel less pain

    • Your mind is sharper

    • Your skin looks better, eyes look brighter, hair is shinier

    • You have lost cms off your waist and your hips

These are just a few examples of these NSVs. With these we know that you are positively responding to the changes you are making!

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