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Camping weekend – a nutritional nightmare?

Was our camping weekend set to be a nutritional nightmare?  A weekend of burnt sausages, char grilled burgers, marshmallows and not a green vegetable in sight, is this what you think of when camping?

With a little preparation camping can bring nutritional riches.  We recently camped with 4 other families at a lovely and busy site in Sussex.  For the first night we all brought a pre cooked dish.  I brought a lamb tagine full of vegetables from my veggie box, there was a Moroccan chicken dish, rice and couscous which we heated up on the camping cookers.  We also had green salads, all was laid out on trestle tables and was very civilised.  All good so far.  Porridge for breakfast (added seeds and whey protein) with cherries and satsumas followed by a home made pub lunch then a BBQ of burgers and sausages from the butchers for dinner with Greek and lentil salads.

The next day opened with bacon and eggs followed by leftover salads and sausage wraps.  Delicious fresh fruit kebabs were lovingly prepared and devoured by the children.  Fresh fruit lollies were on tap from the camp site shop, which also stocked gluten free delights, fresh eggs and other treasures.  After wild swimming our final meal was another pub meal, all freshly cooked to order.   The weather was beautiful, children exhausted so slept well and the conclusion was that camping food can be a nutritional dream rather than a nightmare!

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