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Gluten free in Stockholm

Updated: May 28

I have been gluten free for about a year and a half.  This is easy to manage at home but sometimes trips away concern me.  Most real food is gluten free but it is often the meals that you need to grab quickly from a cafe or similar that cause a problem, you can’t have a quick sandwich so some planning needs to take place.  To celebrate the start of Venus Nutrition I took a culinary tour of Stockholm.  I had no need for concern here, I was amazed by the tasty offerings, everything was fresh and beautifully presented.  I love a breakfast buffet (or any type of buffet) and this was no exception.  There were gluten free options of home made muesli, linseeds, sunflower seeds, fresh blueberry compote, soured milk, passion fruit and watermelon followed by boiled eggs, hams and salad.  All great stuff that kept us full well past fika (coffee break)!

A highlight was the Rosendale Cafe on Djurgården.  Here fresh food and cakes were offered for eating under their canopy of beautiful apple trees.  All was flavoured with the most pungent spices and herbs such as fennel and ginger.  I learnt that gluten free is glutenfritt in Swedish. I found some lovely cakes made with almond flour and flavoured with cardamom called Kardemummamuffins that I am going to try and recreate at home and will post the results!

Rosendale Cafe Djurgården

Rosendale Cafe Djurgården

We also had Smorgasbord at the Grand Hotel which turned out to be a lovely light meal with lots of oily fish including salmon and herring plus salads with watermelon and pumpkin seeds. The desserts consisted of plenty of fresh fruit with the odd chocolate truffle. Back at home I feel inspired…

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