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Venus Success Stories – Liz

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

My back pain is gone, my sleep has improved hugely, I’m no longer craving sugar and I have stopped taking the tablets for my blood pressure!

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When Liz came to me she felt she was “all things to all people” and knew it was time to prioritise herself.  She wanted to reduce the pain in her back, joints and feet, she said “every part of my body hurts”.  She knew that losing weight was important for this and admitted that she had been overweight for at least 15 years.  She was keen to increase activity levels, to run, go swimming and to cycle with her grandchildren. Our first step was to balance her blood glucose by reducing starchy carbs (she is a keen baker) and increase protein in her diet to kick start her weight loss.  At the same time we worked at reducing inflammation in her body which was contributing to her pain and reduced mobility. Liz was very motivated and was such a pleasure to work with, here is her story in her words…

Would you mind sharing the reasons (health issues/goals) that you came to see Helen.

Mainly for weight loss reasons, but I had also been taking tablets for my blood pressure and they were making me ill. I was keen to get myself off them as soon as possible.

And can you share the approach that Helen took?

Helen met with me face to face initially and she took a health history, went through some assessment tools and asked me what my goals were. I then followed a ten week programme with her.

What are the main/key things that you learnt?

Helen coached me through adjusting to a low sugar and low GL diet. She also recommended some supplements because she helped me identify other symptoms that I had taken for granted (aching limbs, itchy skin and stress).  These weren’t things I had gone to Helen to resolve, but following her recommendations all these symptoms have gone.  I feel vibrant and energised now – no longer exhausted!

Did anything surprise you?

I’m remembering now just how horrible the itchy skin had got. I was considering seeing the GP and then I suddenly realised that through the changes I’d made with Helen it had gone and that felt amazing!

A huge change to my diet has been to go almost sugar-free.  If I do have some now, I really react to it (I can’t sleep and I feel de-energised).  I used to have huge sugar cravings and now I have none at all, and I really don’t miss it.

What changes to your health have you experienced?

I have lost weight and that has felt pretty effortless. Following the low GI diet has been really enjoyable as the food is so delicious – full fat foods, avocados, nuts – it really doesn’t feel like you are depriving yourself. Helen gave me lots of little tweaks to my diet and I am still losing weight.

My back pain is gone, my sleep has improved hugely, I’m no longer craving sugar and I have stopped taking the tablets for my blood pressure!

What are the changes that you have continued to make?

I have carried on with my low GL / low sugar diet and I very rarely drink alcohol now. I’ve learnt to only snack if I’m hungry.

I have also started exercising and now run 5k twice a week. The idea of going to the gym filled me with fear, but now I am one of those people who goes to the gym!

My shopping list has changed completely and the whole family eats with me (with a few tweaks).  I now cook with a lot of grains and pulses, and my repertoire has expanded significantly.

How did you find the experience?

Helen’s coaching skills are amazing. She was never forceful about how I should eat, but gently dropped boosting sentences into our conversations.  Something that really stuck with me was when she said “what do you want to be? One step closer to your goal or one step further away?”.  I often thing back to this when making decisions about food and it has really helped.

What did you enjoy the most about the programme?

I really enjoyed the one to one’s with Helen. We would chat about other surrounding areas of my life and find solutions.  She has a real knack for looking at you holistically and drawing other concerns out of you.

What would you say to others that are considering a nutrition and lifestyle programme with Helen?

Well simply – just go for it, what have you got to lose! Helen’s style and advice is very evidence-based and she is a great coach.  I’m currently recommending a friend who suffers from PCOS to visit Helen for this very reason.

If you are interested in finding out how nutritional therapy and health coaching can help you reach your health goals book your free 15 minute phone call with Helen by emailing or text 07740157193

If you want try the online plan, you can book on to my next 28 day online nutrition & lifestyle programme here.

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