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Defend Immune Workshop

Defend Immune Workshop.

Coconut and goji berry bliss balls

Coconut and goji berry bliss balls

Another full nutrition workshop in Oxted last week.  We had a great evening discussing the latest research on supporting the immune system through nutrients in our diet.  There was a variety of foods to try including a beta carotene rich butternut squash soup with lots of garlic, rosemary, onions and tomatoes.  We also made a kefir smoothie to support digestive health (80-90% of immune cells are in the gut!), tried a natural cough remedy, pineapple smoothie, golden milk and shiitake mushroom pate. Oh and coconut and goji berry bliss balls!

We started by learning about the immune system, then the key nutrients that we need to ensure a robust immune system, the foods that research show have special immune boosting properties and then finished with some menu planning to ensure that everyone went home with some practical ideas to incorporate the foods we had discussed and tried into their diets.

One of the favourite parts of the evening (apart from all of the food) was the quiz that we did on Vitamin C.  I gave everyone a couple of portions of fruit and vegetables and then asked them to order them.  Much debate ensued.  Who knew that the top food would be rosehips picked from wild roses in the local fields of Oxted!

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