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Mindful Monday

After a weekend of excess I love the idea of starting the week with a more mindful Monday, this is something I have been practising for some time.  Mindful eating, mindful exercise and mindful thoughts, a calm and healthy introduction to a hectic week.  Today looks like it will follow the same pattern.  After a hen party that lasted day and night on Saturday and family celebrations yesterday my body and mind could do with a break.  Mindfulness is deliberately paying attention to the present moment.  Mindful eating is fostering a healthy and joyful relationship with food, being aware of the nurturing opportunities that each meal presents and using all of your senses when choosing and eating food.


I have started the day with a large glass of warm water with lemon and breakfast of yoghurt, nuts and seeds and rhubarb compote.  This is not that different from other days but today I didn’t catch up on emails whilst shovelling food in, I took a few more minutes to prepare it and sat at the table and really enjoyed it! I am very lucky to have a power yoga class on a Monday at 9:15am which is the perfect start to the week.  After that great start to the day I feel like I want to eat really healthily all day, I make a quick blackberry smoothie (banana, whey protein, maca, blackberries and coconut milk) on my return which looks beautiful and tastes even better.  Lunch is a carefully prepared salad of goat’s cheese and roasted vegetables and dinner will be a simple fish dish.


Everyone is different and your mindful Monday could start at the gym, a walk to work , a quick yoga routine in your bedroom before the chaos begins.  The key is to be aware of the physical hunger and cues to guide your decisions and use any time you have available to lovingly prepare a meal smelling, touching and tasting the food that you have chosen.  You never know if you do it every Monday and then this more positive relationship with food may seep into the week!

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