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Venus Success Stories – Nikki

Updated: Apr 29

I waited far too long to try something like this and I would say if in doubt, just go for it.  The programme is absolutely priceless for the results that you can get.

I am so delighted to share my latest success story.  Nikki has been such a pleasure to work with, I have seen her evolve from someone with a debilitating health condition to someone who has really taken back control of her health. Through all of this she has brought such humour and fun to our sessions. Her food choices were quite limited when we first met but she quickly tried new foods and discovered that she loved some foods that she always thought she hated.  Her initial goal was “a brand new body from the neck down!”  We took a gentle, phased approach starting with reducing refined carbohydrates and gluten and then moved on to digestive support and researched nutrients to support her health conditions.   I will let Nikki tell the rest of her story…

Would you mind sharing the reasons (health issues/goals) that you came to see Helen.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and had been recommended to try going gluten-free and to perhaps see a nutritionist to help me with this. I have also suffered with stomach and bowel problems for about 6 years. I asked for recommendations on my local facebook page and Helen’s name came up so I went to see her.

And can you share the approach that Helen took?

During my first consultation we discussed my stomach problems and Helen asked me what I wanted to see as an outcome from the programme.  She recommended her 10 week plan which included face to face consultations, phone calls and email support.

What are the main/key things that you learnt?

I soon realised I was intaking a LOT of sugar in my diet.  I always skipped breakfast (perhaps grabbing a couple of biscuits), and drank a lot of tea, with sugar, throughout the day. I constantly craved sugar and caffeine whenever I suffered from an energy dip.  One of the symptoms of Fibromayalgia is chronic fatigue so I wasn’t sure anything could be done about this.  Helen asked me to keep a 3-day diary and while I had a varied diet, there was too much sugar.  We also looked at how I could go gluten-free.

One of the first things Helen gave me was some fantastic breakfast ideas. Now I hate bananas and eggs, but I LOVE the banana pancakes she asked me to try – I am obsessed with them!  I also eat berries with coconut yoghurt and nuts and chia seeds – things I never included in my diet previously.  I have gone from having no breakfast to finding things that I love to eat.

With regards to caffeine, I reduced to 2 cups before midday and the impact was so quick.  Within 2 weeks I had no cravings for sugar or caffeine, and the energy dips had disappeared.

I used to get a lot of stomach pain after eating, would often feel sick, and was constantly wondering “is this food going to affect me”? But now I don’t think about it at all and the pain has gone.  I also suffered from constipation, but Helen introduced me to flax seed and that has completely stopped it.

Did anything surprise you?

Settling my bowel issue was the biggest surprise.  I thought, no way can a little seed change what I had experienced for years – but it did!

What changes to your health have you experienced?

I feel so much better.  I have much more energy and I don’t worry at all about what I am eating anymore. I have noticed significant change in my sleep, fatigue & some improvement with my fibromyalgia pain, specifically in my legs. 

What are the changes that you have continued to make?

I have continued with everything and I have a new-found confidence to branch out with the recipes.  I never really liked cooking but now I enjoy preparing and cooking food.  I actually needed to gain a little weight so using what I have learnt about good fats from Helen I have been able to maintain the right weight.

How did you find the experience?

Helen is terrific, she really knows her stuff and she genuinely wants to help.  Any questions I had were answered quickly and she was very supportive so I really looked forward to seeing her.  The recipe packs she provided were great and she has sent me some more to use.

What would you say to others that are considering a nutrition and lifestyle programme with Helen?

Just do it!  I waited far too long to try something like this and I would say if in doubt, just go for it.  The programme is absolutely priceless for the results that you can get.

If you are interested in finding out how nutritional therapy and health coaching can help you reach your health goals book your free 15 minute phone call with Helen by emailing or text 07740157193

If you want try the online plan, you can book on to my next 28 day online nutrition & lifestyle programme here.

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